Non-NHS Fees

A list of fees and chargers for non-NHS fees.

Certificates, Forms and Letters
Holiday Cancellation Certificate£25
Sickness / Accident Insurance Claim Form£25
Signature Only (any form)£25
Fitness to travel£25
Private Sick note£25
Adult Placement Form£25
DVLA FormSet Fee
DWP FormSet Fee
Letter detailing medication for travel abroad (not needed but if insist)£20

Medical Examination and Reports
Power of Attorney£150
GP Report (GDPR)Variable
GP Insurance (additional information)Variable
School Sickness Report (not needed but if insist)£25
Looked after child report / school attendance reportStandard Fee
Form AH1£120
Form AH2£80
Private Fees for Vaccinations / Scripts
Course Hepatitis B – Occupational Health £150
+ £25.00 per additional booster / blood test
Vaccination Certificate£15