Online Access to Your Medical Records

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Shared PCN Clinical Services

 As a partner practice in Washington and West 2 Primary Care Networks (PCN) we will share your information with other shared services within the PCN who are part of your care provision and ongoing support. Where you engage with these services, your healthcare information will be held within a common system that can be accessed by all practices within the PCN.

All individuals who will have access to your records via PCN shared services are bound be the same requirements to maintain the confidentiality of your information as the staff within your practice.

The information held about you is used to provide health and social care, for the management of the services that the PCN provide, the management of the NHS, and also for public health reasons. It may also be used to contact you regarding the provision of these services.

Where you are receiving care from PCN shared services, information relating to the care provided will be added to your practice clinical record.

Information about you held within the PCN Clinical system will be accessed by authorised individuals who are involved in providing direct care to you or who support the provision of direct care or the management of these services. This will include:

  • Doctors and nurses who provide you with treatment
  • Other clinical staff such as Pharmacists and Radiologists
  • Clinical Managers

The West 2 PCN consists of the following practices;

  • Village Surgery
  • Springwell Medical Group
  • New Silksworth Medical Practice
  • Happy House Surgery
  • South Hylton Surgery

The Washington PCN consists of the following practices;

  • Dr Stephenson & Partners
  • Galleries Medical Practice
  • Concord Medical Practice
  • Monument Surgeries
  • New Washington Medical Group
  • Rickleton Medical Centre
  • IJ Healthcare (Harraton Surgery) *

To access any of your healthcare information held within the PCN Shared services, please contact the practice manager.