Military Veterans

Alliance Medical Group is committed to supporting veterans. Our practices have nominated champions to help and signpost veterans. Our staff take a proactive approach to identify ex-service personnel. This is to ensure they are supported appropriately.

Our nominated champions are around to help. They are; Paula, Maureen and Stacey

If you are a veteran please let us know!

We know you might need extra support or want to access dedicated services. We want to offer as much support as possible so please let us know if you are a veteran.

Please feel free to browse information websites below:

Please feel free to browse information websites below

When registering at the Practice the team will ask you to complete a Veterans registration form so we are aware.

Veterans’ Gateway

Veterans’ gateway connect veterans and their families with a range of local support organisations, both within and outside the Armed Forces Sector.

Find out more about the local support they offer, including an app you can download via the website:

Sunderland Armed Forces Network

Please let the practice know if you are in the Armed Forces or a Veteran. The practice works with Sunderland Armed Forces Network and is working towards cascading information across the city on services and support that is available.

Their website is